barry gilbey


Barry Gilbey has covered a lot of ground in the music industry, from running the renowned Choo Choo label, to touring as a DJ and live performer with Mara, to writing music for film and TV shows. His career has seen him producing for and remixing with some of the best in the industry, with a long discography that shows a wide range of musical accomplishments. 

While well known for his house music productions, he has proven his ability to produce a multitude of genres, with his love for the music always coming through in his sound. 

Barry’s current passion lies in composing music for movies and TV, fulfilling a dream he had since he was young to be an integral part of the film making process. Specializing in trailers, he has worked on projects for Fox Sports, NFL Coverage, Universal and many more, while also winning multiple awards including a US ADDY award.