Beauty can be found in extreme difference and individuality.

In our society we judge ourselves soo harshly for not having the perfect body, the perfect skin, face, hair, the perfect life, the perfect job, relationship, for not being normal, but the perception of normal that you are comparing yourself to is not real. It is based on a perception sold to you by the media and represents 0.000001% of the population. 

It is not real.

How can we wake people up from their slumber?

Biological, social mental habits - slumber.

Your slumber helps you navigate your daily life but doesn't ask the important questions that lead to change, growing into wisdom, growing into a greater understanding of yourself - each other.

I am always looking for ways to shake people - not with shock - surprise / novelty - tough subject matter. Curiosity is a great weapon for the artist.

What you are - who you are is real. 
You are real. 
You are beautiful. 
Stop judging yourself. 
Be you.

Alongside educating people about BDD one of the biggest feeling for me in the project is to hopefully wake people up to the amount of time they spend judging what they look like and isolating themselves based on their judgement.

For the human race to move into a time when our perception of ourself is based on who we are - vibration / frequency.